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Innovation is key. Over the years there have been many laudable efforts of multilateral, bilateral, civil society and academic initiatives to improve or solve the unacceptable condition in which artisanal gold miners find themselves.

Progress has been made, yet a scalable solution is nowhere in sight. With technological advances in networking, material sciences, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and massive computational, we now have the tools to discover a mercury alternative process that is highly effective, safe, affordable and adoptable by artisanal and small scale gold mining (ASGM).

Mercury Free Mining is proposing that concerned industries, organizations, and people who envision a mercury-free gold supply chain will come together to conduct a global challenge prize to engage scientists, innovators, and academics in pursuit of this life-altering discovery. This new material or process must be environmentally safe, cost no more than mercury, be readily available and acceptable to artisanal miners, be easily transported to remote locations, have fewer restrictions than mercury and be more effective than the ages-old mercury/gold amalgamation process.

If you’d like to join this challenge as an innovator or part of our team, I invite you to partner with us in making an unprecedented global difference. The world will never be the same! Please Contact us to Learn More. Together, we can end the mercury tragedy and create a vibrant, healthy world.

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Together, we can end the mercury tragedy and create a vibrant, healthy world.