Mercury Free Mining Challenge
Transforming artisanal & small scale gold mining for the health of the world.
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Our purpose

To transform artisanal & small scale gold mining for the health of the world.

Our purpose is to enhance human and environmental health through the discovery and implementation of a safe and effective, scalable alternative to mercury use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining

We are a growing global team of passionate players who are committed to the discovery of a safe, easy, and affordable process or material that allows the world’s 14~19M artisanal gold miners to mine safely and efficiently, ending their dependence on mercury & ending the daily release of 4 tons of the toxic liquid metal into the land, water and atmosphere. That’s 8,000 lbs., every day.

Everything is “impossible” until it happens.

We have a truly extraordinary opportunity to shape the future, to dramatically improve the health of the planet and all 7.28 billion of us, as well as those yet unborn.

Global mercury pollution is one of the greatest threats society faces today, potentially affecting every community in every part of our world as mercury never breaks down to a non-toxic state. 

Gabriel Macea, artisanal gold miner, Zaragoza, Colombia.

Gabriel Macea, artisanal gold miner, Zaragoza, Colombia.

Let's make history. 

about the challenge

This HeroX mercury replacement challenge is offering a $1,000,000 prize to the team or individual that discovers an environmentally friendly, affordable means of separating crushed, finely divided gold from its ore. 

Join us

If you're intrigued by this challenge, we invite you to be our partner in making an unprecedented global difference. We are truly changing the world!

Support us

Please support us by making a financial contribution to help us remove the approximately 8,000 lbs. of the neurotoxin mercury that is inadvertently released every day by artisanal and small scale gold miners (ASGM).

Our initiative will directly contribute to the quality of life of the 100 million people whose lives depend on ASGM and to the the quality of all life on the planet.

Your generous donation supports this bold, innovative and life-altering project.

Thank you! 



Let's make History!