REFILE - QUALITY REPEAT Prospectors pan for gold at a new gold mine found in a cocoa farm near the town of Bouafle in western Ivory Coast March 18, 2014. With high prices for the precious metal fuelling a gold rush in Ivory Coast and Ghana, diggers are scurrying to cash in. But the drain on the labour market and the harm done to cocoa plantations could endanger cocoa production in the two nations, which account for 60 percent of global supply. Picture taken March 18, 2014. To match Insight COCOA-GOLD/WESTAFRICA REUTERS/Luc Gnago - RC1E9B752150

We are committed to ending the millennia-old travesty of global mercury pollution resulting from artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM). The miners are not to blame. Miners often lack workable alternatives to using this potent neurotoxin in order to concentrate gold.

We are inspired by our opportunity to partner with the jewelry industry in the discovery and implementation of efficient alternatives so that over 15 million people can mine without poisoning themselves, their families and our world.
We have the ability to fly men to the moon and cars to Mars. Certainly, together, we have the ability to solve this!

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Together, we can end the mercury tragedy and create a vibrant, healthy world.