Mercury Free Mining Challenge
Transforming artisanal & small scale gold mining for the health of the world.


Our Story

15 million artisanal and small-scale gold miners in developing countries use mercury, a permanent, potent neurotoxin, in order to be marginally efficient in capturing gold. They mine to live, and in the process inadvertently release approximately 8,000 lbs. of mercury into our environment every day.  They are poisoning themselves and the rest of us as mercury vapors and micro-particles are transported globally on winds and ocean currents.

In 2017 the Mercury Free Mining Challenge was created, and we began to raise a $1million prize to incentivize the discovery of a safe and effective mercury alternative for these millions of miners and the wellbeing of all life on earth.

We have an opportunity to make a global difference far beyond what we ever dreamed possible. Please join us in supporting the Mercury Free Mining Challenge today.