Mercury Free Mining Challenge
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How the Jewelry Industry Will Solve the Global Mercury Challenge

We live in a time of miraculous solutions born of exponential technological growth, and we now have the ability to solve one of the world's most persistent environmental and health problems. Our industry is creating a solution to the millennia-old problem of mercury pollution released by the world's 14~19 million artisanal gold miners (ASGM). Our initiative to find a mercury substitute in ASGM will inform and educate jewelers of the growing problem in which we have been playing an unwitting role and of which many are completely unaware.

As an industry, we thrive when we have inspiring stories about our jewelry or our passion. We can now share with the world that we're addressing the massive problem of four tons of toxic mercury being released into our biosphere every day from artisanal miners. At the same time, we will be providing everyone a pathway to contributing to the mercury solution.

Join us at the Mercury Free Mining Challenge to learn more, work together and change the world!

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